The dining room drink dispenser has an industrial feel to it at the Taco Bell Cantina which is now open, on the corner of 3rd St. and Townsend in San Francisco, Calif., as seen on Thurs. September 24, 2015. (Photo By Michael Macor/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

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The Karen Taco Bell Letter That Had Reddit Cracking Up
A user shared a letter on Reddit that was allegedly sent to their Taco Bell location by an angry Karen. In the letter, the Karen — who had been a loyal Taco Bell patron since the ‘80s — cites Florida Amendment 2 and a Taco Bell receipt from 1999 as reasons for not wanting to pay the increased prices.
The Karen believes that since they didn’t vote for Florida Amendment 2 — which promises a $15 minimum wage by 2026 — they shouldn’t have to pay higher rates. However, it was the receipt that caught the eye of some Redditors who had seen it before in a completely unrelated subreddit post.
The receipt led many Redditors to believe that the entire letter had been faked, while others took issue with the fact that “what costs the same today that it did in 1999?” Yet, the bigger concern in all of this is that a grown adult was ranting about people not deserving reasonable pay.