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The Kid From The Popeyes Meme Is All Grown Up And Now A State Champ

9-year-old Dieunerst Collin shot to unwanted fame in 2013 in a viral Vine video called "Terio at Popeyes." Collin was minding his own business at Popeyes when a stranger started filming him, mistaking him for another Vine star.

In a 2021 interview, Collin said that after the Vine was released, he was teased throughout middle school, with many making fun of his appearance in the video and constantly calling him “Terio.” Over the years, though, Collin says he has “[gotten] over it."

Collin is now back in the spotlight, and he recently took to Twitter to show off the trophy his high school football team received for winning New Jersey's state championship. He plans to attend college after graduating high school and eventually work in sports media.

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