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The Larger-Than-Life Candles That Have Costco Shoppers Freaking Out

You may think of Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works as the destinations for candle shopping, but these stores are facing competition from an unexpected company: Costco. The megastore known for selling extra-large bulk products is applying the same "bigger is better" philosophy to their new candle line, and it has customers freaking out.

A July 2020 Instagram post by @costcobuys shows that Costco is now selling 4-wick, 40 oz candles (a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle is around 14.5 oz). The Instagram account posted photos of three different scents available at their store: Vanilla + Monk Fruit, Blood Orange + Tangerine, and Dahlia + Ivy.

The oversized candles are currently priced around $19.99, and candle enthusiasts with Costco memberships are leaving excited comments online, with some having already made purchases: "These are amazing I bought 4," one Instagram user wrote. The candles are also available in Agave & Matcha Tea and Yuzu & Pineapple.