MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 2019: Aldi supermarket on November 16, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images)

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The Leftover Containers Aldi Customers Swear By
The leftover container drawer can be a very messy place and organizing it is such a pain that you leave it be until you can’t. So when you’re finally clearing out this messy drawer, you may also realize that many of your containers are missing the corresponding lid, but thankfully, Aldi shoppers have a solution for how to replace the lidless containers.
One Redditor recently posted on the r/aldi thread that they save the deli meat containers to reuse for food storage and asked if anyone else does the same. While one user confirmed, “The entirety of my childhood food container stock was these," another user noted that “if anyone wanted to take anything out of the house it was these or nothing."
Although a couple of users compared these containers to margarine or sour cream containers, one Redditor clarified that “They stack neatly up n [sp] the cabinet, a million uses and can send food home with guests”. Truly, once you remove the sticker, it looks just like any other plastic container for storing food and all you need are a few deli meat containers.