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The Limited-Edition M&Ms To Look Out For This Halloween
Mars, the owner of M&Ms, is well-known for releasing limited edition candies for holiday seasons, and a quick look at the M&Ms’ website reveals just how many flavors the brand sells — some include dark chocolate mint, crunchy cookie, fudge brownie, and caramel. In July 2022, Mars announced a new variation of the product that you can expect coming your way this Halloween.
Instead of an all-new flavor, a Mad Scientist Mix will be hitting the shelves, and the eight-ounce bag will contain a mix of milk chocolate, peanut butter, and peanut M&Ms. As Tim LeBel, president of sales and chief Halloween officer, put it, "Mars is committed to inspiring moments of everyday happiness… and that includes delivering our classic treats with a seasonal twist."
LeBel asserted, "From the candy dish to trick-or-treating, we have no doubt fans will delight in Mars' seasonal offerings as we look forward [to] another fantastic Halloween season." Last Halloween, M&Ms released a Cookies & Scream flavor, as well as black, white, and orange varieties of its original candy in the form of a Ghoul's Mix.