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The Live TV Moment That Butchered Paula Deen's Career

In 2013, Paula Deen was invited onto the “Today” show to discuss an ongoing court case and accusations of racism. Deen and her brother were being sued for racial and sexual harassment by a former manager of one of their Georgia restaurants.

During the deposition, Deen admitted to using the “N-word” multiple times, but “a very long time” ago. She also admitted to telling jokes about “Jewish people, rednecks, black folk” and apparently wanted a plantation-themed wedding party for her brother with only Black people as waiters.

After the court deposition was made public, Deen was fired from the Food Network, and her business deals fell through. Despite being given a chance to publicly apologize on the “Today” show, Deen instead said she was wrongfully fired due to the “very, very hurtful lies said about [her].”

Although Deen denied having any racist thoughts or tendencies, her record under oath shows otherwise. However, Deen didn’t completely disappear after the interview and has since been extremely enterprising, including opening a new restaurant chain and starring in a new TV show.

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