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The Luxurious Food King Charles Refuses To Eat
If you had a personal chef, what would you eat every day? You might imagine mouth-watering delicacies and intricately prepared meals, but as the British royal family shows, simpler is better. Following his mother, Queen Elizabeth, King Charles has a few quirks when it comes to meals and has banned one dish altogether.
While foie gras — the enlarged liver of a duck or goose — has been banned from the royal kitchen for the last 14 years, King Charles seems poised to continue this tradition. Many have renounced the dish for animal cruelty as the duck or goose must be force-fed through a feeding tube to enlarge its liver, and, not to mention, King Charles considers the dish “disgusting.”
Along with foie gras, other restrictions abound at the royal table. Garlic is effectively banned in order to avoid any pungent breath while the royals are talking to other people, and likewise, shellfish is largely absent from the table to avoid any chance of shellfish poisoning; other foods, such as pasta, potatoes, and rice, make minimal appearances on the menu.