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The Major Change Coming For Subway Workers

Subway is taking their "eat fresh" slogan to a new level by serving meat that's hand-sliced in stores. Sometime in 2022, meat slicers will arrive at Subways across the nation, and the machines will reportedly be placed in the view of customers, so they'll know they're not eating pre-sliced meat anymore — but some employees aren't happy about this.

Subway employees on Reddit think that hand-slicing meat will be a waste of time and energy, and the machines may not be compatible with some kitchens. "Most of [my store's] work force are teenagers untrained to use slicers," one Redditor wrote. "So unless they plan to rebrand the skills it takes to work in one this [expletive] is a disaster waiting to happen."

Contrary to the aforementioned user's comments, reports state that minors will not be allowed to operate Subway's slicers. Other Reddit users seemed excited about the slicers, and employees who are hesitant should at least know that Subway expects workers to slice the meat in the mornings and evenings, not for every individual order.