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The Married At First Sight Star You Never Knew Works At Chick-Fil-A
"Married at First Sight" star Mark Maher, aka Mark the Shark, who married Lindsey Georgoulis on the show has been facing some surprising backlash. While the reality star worked "as a fitness professional selling gym memberships" during filming, Maher has moved on to a different line of work — and fans are making their opinions heard on the matter.
A picture of Maher serving a customer at Chick-fil-A was posted on Reddit, where it garnered nearly 1000 upvotes and more than 500 comments, ranging from statements of support to personal jabs. The post also spawned a second Reddit thread with the seemingly insulting title, “Mark the Shark got a new a chick fil a near you[,]"
Maher took a management position at Chick-fil-A after fourteen years in the fitness industry. While some fans have shown their support for his endeavour, some are living out their inner middle-school bully, making derogatory statements and mocking the career skills listed on his LinkedIn profile.