Belgrade, Serbia - November 5, 2014: McFlurry ice cream on white background. McFlurry ice cream is produced by McDonald's which is one of the World's largest fast food franchise.


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The McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Drama Just Escalated

It’s a common joke online that McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken, but there is currently a serious legal battle surrounding them. The fast-food giant is locked in a multi-million dollar court case with the tech company Kytch.

In 2019, Kytch introduced a small device to help “intercept the ice cream machines’ internal communications” and report issues remotely. However, it did not sit well with McDonald's or Taylor Company, who makes the machines, and Taylor recommended removing the “unsafe” devices from their ice cream machines.

Kytch filed a $900 million lawsuit against McDonald’s, claiming they used “false advertising and tortious interference in its contracts with customers," and that the actions made by the fast-food giant tarnished Kytch’s name. Kytch also filed a lawsuit last summer against Taylor, accusing them of stealing Kytch’s technology.

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