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The Memphis Burger Joint That's Using The Same Cooking Grease For
110 Years
Located on Memphis' famous Beale Street, there’s a restaurant under the name of Dyer's Burgers. Known for their hamburgers, shakes, and deep-fried desserts, Dyer's has been around on the Memphis scene for almost 110 years, but unlike other restaurants, Dyer's prefers to keep a little memento of the past alive in their kitchen.
The restaurant’s website claims that the secret to their hamburgers is the fact that they are cooked in grease preserved since the restaurant’s opening in 1912. Each day, the century-old cooking grease is strained before being used to fry up their burgers, then re-strained and used again.
The staff sometimes adds fresh grease, so you're technically not eating 100% old grease every time you bite into a Dyer's burger. It seems that the method of reusing 100-year-old grease has some surprising benefits, as plenty of Yelp reviewers have praised the juiciness and tenderness of the burgers.