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The Messy Truth About Dollar Tree Salmon
Dollar Tree is known to sell food products that come from liquidated companies or off-brands, raising some red flags about their quality. The chain has come to be associated with a stereotype of poor-quality food that seems to be applicable to its seafood section as well, as one TikTok user discovered upon tasting salmon purchased from the dollar store.
TikTok user “wafffler69” “reviewed” a freezer-fresh packet of Dollar Tree’s “Rising Tide Wild Salmon Filet” and was thrown aback by multiple issues. The instructions asked the user to watch a YouTube video, there was an odd smell from the bag, and the salmon was light pink instead of red.
Wafffler69 spat out the fish both times he tried eating it, and seemed disgusted by the flavor and texture of the salmon, noting that the skin “tears like rubber” instead of being crispy or flakey and had an almost-burnt tinge to it. It seems that Dollar Tree’s reputation for bad seafood is well-known as Redditors on r/KetoMealPrep weren’t enthusiastic about the fish either.