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The Mexican Donuts That Are (Almost) Too Pretty
To Eat
One of Mexico's enduring traditions is the art of Talavera tile, which was brought to the country from Spain in 1571 and taught to the workers in Puebla. Today, some of the most distinctive ceramics produced in Puebla include only blue designs on a white background.
Mexico is also popular for its delicious food items like “concha” sweet bread, mazapán, and donuts. Amidst such a rich history of ceramics and bakery, a Poblano bakery named Cafetería Finca Santa Vera Cruz proclaimed its pastry-pottery pride by decorating many of its confections to resemble the region's renowned ceramics.
The owners of the cafeteria have combined one of the most beautiful ornamental traditions with their baked goods to create treats that might seem too pretty to eat. The artistry relies on a specialized printer to reproduce typical tile designs on the donuts, cookies, and marzipan treats, but the technology obviously allows it to print other images as well.