Hand taking a pizzaa out of a microwave


The Microwave Myth You Definitely Should Stop Believing
There are several options for making a quick meal, but the microwave is the kitchen appliance most people opt for. There have been many myths about them, and some still persist.
One of the biggest myths is the idea that microwaving will automatically kill any bacteria in your food. According to the Hygiene Food Safety site, that’s not always the case.
We know that the best way to kill bacteria is to cook foods to a safe internal temperature, but that’s not easy with microwaves. They work by creating waves that bombard the food.
These waves bounce around the interior and hit the food as they go. This means the food cooks outside in, so it’s difficult to ensure an even temperature all the way through.
It’s more difficult for foods that are thick or irregularly shaped. It is always recommended to stir, flip, or rotate the food partway to ensure all spots are reached and cooked.
If you really want to cook food evenly, choose a lower-power setting so the heat can get to the food’s center or use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature.