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The Milkshake Order Chick-Fil A Employees Wish You Would Stop Making

Seeing as how it is a fast-food giant, Chick-Fil-A takes a lot of pride in their menu, ensuring that there’s something for everybody, whether it’s their signature chicken, fries, or milkshakes. However, there is one particular milkshake that employees wish you would stop ordering.

A Reddit user who works at the fast-food restaurant claims they wish people would stop ordering a large milkshake. Chick-Fil-A’s milkshakes only come in one size, but that doesn’t stop countless customers from asking about a larger size.

Another user shared a story about his time working at the restaurant, stating “I told some guy that we only have one size the other day and he said, 'When did you guys change that? Last week?” Keep this piece of information in mind next time you order.

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