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The Most Karen Moment Ever Caught On Tape At A McDonald's Drive Thru

The term “Karen” has become immensely popular in the past few years and is defined by the BBC as “a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits behaviors that stem from privilege.” Because our world is so big, it’s inevitable that we will encounter a Karen or two in our personal lives, just as this TikTok user did.

The video in question shows a woman screaming at McDonald’s employees in the drive-thru, as well as throwing sauce packets at them. Things get more terrifying when the enraged customer grabs hold of an iced tea dispenser inside and hurls it at the employees inside.

However, the uploader of the video claims they do not know what started the intense altercation, writing “I wasn’t looking at the window so I’m not sure what was happening. I just heard yelling and moved and started recording”.

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