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The Most Overrated Spirit, According To Reddit
Like it or loathe it, alcohol is big business in the United States, with the overall market (including beer, spirits, and wine) estimated as being worth over $261 billion. However, there is one alcohol, ranking at $7.3 billion, that Reddit commentators really don’t like.
In a post titled "vodka is the worst spirit" on the Reddit group "Unpopular Opinion," one user outlines their reasons for despising the popular alcoholic drink. "Vodka only makes drinks more bland," argues the user, adding that vodka produces worse hangovers than tequila.
The Reddit post lambasting vodka has certainly proved to be controversial. "Vodka isn't supposed to have much flavor," one person argues, with a different user proclaiming its ability to be mixed with many drinks, and another saying "good vodka is so smooth."