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The Most Popular Candy The Year You Were Born
1965: Swedish Fish
As the name suggests, these iconic candies are Swedish in origin, but they made their way to the USA and became the hottest red candies in the mid-1960s. Nobody can pinpoint exactly what this globally loved candy’s flavor comes from, but it might be Sweden’s national fruit — the lingonberry.
1966: $100,000 Bar
Now known as the 100 Grand Bar, the $100,000 Bar has changed its name and look and seems to have lost some of its clout. However, these caramelly, crisp, richly chocolate treats were all the rage in the ‘60s.
1967: Starburst
These British imports quickly caught fame in the US in the late '60s, but they arrived at the final name a bit later. These pliable, taffy-like textured candies with multiple fruit flavors came into the US as Opal Fruits, were briefly known as M&M Fruit Chewies, and then became Starburst.
1968: Fruit Stripe Gum
The Fruit Stripe gum rapidly became a classic favorite thanks to its catchy marketing, multiple flavors, and intoxicating smell. Plus, gum-chewing kids got another treat with their pack of Fruit Stripe gum: a temporary tattoo.
1969: SweeTARTS
These five-cent packs flew off the shelves in the ‘60s, and the craze for these candies is strong to this day. SweeTART balances the expected sweetness of sugary discs with a sour punch, and it originally came in fairly common fruit flavors like cherry and grape.