Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010

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The Muffin Tin Trick For Stunningly Round Cookies
According to a 2021 TikTok hack, you can get a perfect cookie by capturing it within a cookie cutter while it’s fresh out of the oven and giving it a little jiggle, ‌letting the dough spread evenly within the confines of the cookie cutter. However, you can tackle the perfect cookie problem at its very root with the help of a cookie cutter and a muffin tin.
You don’t really need a cookie cutter for this trick, but if you have one, simply roll and cut out your cookies, slap them in the bottom of your muffin tin, and bake them. As for using this hack without a cookie cutter, flatten a ball of dough (about two tablespoons) within the muffin pockets using a cup, jar, or small bowl, and bake as usual.
As for the perks, this method yields cookies with a uniform size and shape and might take less time than the cookie sheet method. If you want to jazz up your cookie game, try using mini or giant muffin tins and start baking chocolate chip, oatmeal, or gingerbread cookies using the hack — not just sugar cookies.