Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Old Country Store roadside sign. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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The New Way Cracker Barrel Is Modernizing Its Dining Rooms

Though the charming concept of Cracker Barrel is meant to reflect an old-time country store, the restaurant chain is slowly stepping into the twenty-first century. Cracker Barrel's simple farm-to-table atmosphere might not be changing, but the company is adding a new payment method to pick up on lost sales.

Suffering from low revenue and foot traffic since 2018, Cracker Barrel attempted to build hype with new dishes that had "unexpected flavor twists," but the menu changes garnered little interest. To win back customers, the chain kept focus on its cheap prices, but now seems to be moving in a new direction by introducing Apple Pay in stores.

Besides the new Apple Pay option, Restaurant Business Online reports that Cracker Barrel is pushing for an "elevated" but pricier experience for customers, using premium items and new fixtures such as "build-your-own-breakfast." The chain is clearly trying hard to balance the "Americana-country" atmosphere with modern demands.