Swansea, UK: September 21, 2018: Commercial sign of ALDI Store against a blue sky. ALDI is the common brand of two German discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, and an estimated combined turnover of more than €50 billion.

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The Odd Thing Customers Are Supposedly Finding On Aldi Shelves
Aldi keeps its patrons on their toes with its rotating assortment of Aldi Finds (a weekly selection of blink-and-you-may-miss-them products) and so, you never know what you're going to find on your next Aldi run. However, lately, the talk of the supermarket's fandom has been more about what its members haven't been finding.
In a post shared to the Aldi Reddit page in April, user u/sew_busy posted a photo of a package of the chain's Happy Farms Pepper Jack Cheese slices that, despite appearing to be sealed, was missing all of its contents inside. "Oops they missed the cheese in this one," the Redditor, who allegedly spotted it at their local Aldi, wrote.
In a separate comment on their recent post on the Aldi subreddit page, the user noted, "We turned it into an employee so nobody had any issues." Another Aldi shopper claimed that they recently faced a similar situation after placing an Instacart order from the chain, stating, "One of my taco seasoning packets was completely empty yet factory sealed."
As of this writing, there's no explanation for why these seemingly untampered Aldi products are coming up short. However, Redditors had some wisecracks to make at the empty cheese package's expense — "Less fat and calories that way," one Redditor quipped, while another joked that there was some "shrinkflation" at play.