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The One Flavor You Should Judge An Italian Gelateria By
The difference between ice cream and gelato is that gelato has a more concentrated flavor and a texture that's more silky and dense than regular ice cream — and it also contains less cream and fat. However, be it ice cream or gelato, it must be hard to choose just one flavor, especially if you find yourself in an Italian gelateria.
To judge an Italian gelateria, the one flavor you should pick first is fior di latte, which basically translates to flower of milk. Made with high-quality cow's milk, cream, and sugar, this flavor is a staple in all good gelaterias because it's used as a starting point to assess the quality of the ice cream shop.
Fior di latte is often used as a base for adding other flavors, so if this flavor is good, other gelato flavors in the same gelateria will also be good. However, despite being exceptionally good in taste, fior di latte isn’t among the most popular flavors for Italians — they actually prefer lemon and strawberry more.