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The One Food Rick Bayless Can't Stand
Chef Rick Bayless, winner of Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" and owner of the Frontera chain of restaurants, was recently asked if he has a "love/hate relationship" with any particular ingredients. The celeb chef was quick to respond, saying, "I know this sounds crazy, but tomato juice makes me gag!!"
However, just because Bayless doesn't like to drink tomato juice doesn't mean he's opposed to cooking with tomatoes — in fact, he even lists two types of tomatoes as "essential ingredients" on his official website. Aside from tomatoes, Bayless tells Bespoke Black Book that his favorite ingredient to cook with is any chile he can get his hands on.
In a YouTube video, Bayless reveals one of his "Salsa Essentials" is Chiltomate, which combines tomatoes and chiles for a spicy "Yucatecan" twist on traditional tomato salsa. He blends roasted tomatoes, tomato juice, and roasted habaneros until pureed, and then adds chopped cilantro and roasted onion.