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The One Meal Gordon Ramsay Says Is The 'Cornerstone' Of Home Cooking
Gordon Ramsay featured two versions of what he calls the “cornerstone” of home cooking in one of his YouTube videos and added that all the rest of the family's weekday meals are built around it. Stretching back to the time of King Henry VII, the meal is a traditional English dish in which the whole family partakes, offering more time for conversation than regular weekday meals.
This meal in question is the Sunday roast, a British essential that’s on the heavier side because of its longer cooking time and significant mass. The dish is additionally appealing because of its delicious aroma and the way it conjures up visions of happy families. As a matter of fact, it's a favorite in many households, including Adele's.
Ramsay calls the Sunday roast a “cornerstone” because it helps kickstart food prep for the rest of the week. Since leftovers from the Sunday roast can be used to make several other dishes (like soups or sandwiches) and Ramsay doesn’t always have the time to cook from scratch, it lets him get a jump on the following week’s dishes.