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The One Sandwich Subway Employees Wish You'd Never Order

We all know that Subway allows customers to order their own sub the way they want it. There are plenty of options for all types of buyers, but there’s one sub in particular that many employees wish customers would never order.

Although there are several subs that are difficult to make, the hardest and most frustrating one is allegedly the meatball sub. Not only is the sub extremely messy, but it’s simply a struggle to keep all the contents intact without everything spilling out.

Employees also have a hard time making any type of melts because of their messiness. A worker took to Reddit to state that to make a melt, you have to “cut the bread completely in half, put on triple cheese, have veggies and sauce put on it, put the top back, put it in a bag [...] and pull it out, praying you don't drop it."

Another complicated menu item to make are salads. One employee went online to say chopped salads are time-consuming to make, as they have to spend over 30 seconds chopping veggies, 20 seconds trying to get everything in the bowl, and even longer to clean up.

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