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The One Steak Cut Anthony Bourdain Couldn't Stand

Everyone has their own opinion regarding cuts of steak — some like it so rare that it could moo, while others are shunned for their well-done preference. It’s hard to find a professional chef that doesn’t have strong steak preferences, and the late chef Anthony Bourdain had strict steak opinions that may surprise you.

Like any good chef, Anthony Bourdain had a favorite and least favorite cut of steak. According to a YouTube video by Insider Tech, Bourdain would never order tenderloin, as he believed the inner loin meat was boring, but he did recommend prime rib or any other piece of meat derived from the animal’s rib.

Additionally, in his book "Kitchen Confidential," Bourdain noted that asking for a piece of meat cooked well done is like asking to "kill it." If you still want to try tenderloin, know that it lacks intramuscular marbling, which is what gives steak a rich flavor, but it’s perfect for those looking for a tender cut of meat.