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The One Thing You Should Do Before Boiling Eggs
One of the simplest tasks is boiling eggs, but once you start peeling them, you can end up with an unrecognizable blob instead of a perfect oval. Fortunately, there's a useful trick that many angry egg peelers claim has saved their cooked eggs.
All you need is a clean thumbtack (aka one that's been washed and is free of drywall, plaster, or other wall-related gunk). Culinary genius Jacques Pepin recommends that you simply poke a tiny hole in the biggest side (aka the "bottom") of the egg.
As Exploratorium explains, some say the hole allows a bit of water to work its way between the shell and the egg inside, making it much simpler to peel. Some say that as the egg cooks, the small hole allows gases to escape, making the egg less likely to break.