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The One Type Of Fish Chefs Never Buy At Costco
Costco may be the best place to buy groceries in bulk, but that’s not always the case for fresh produce, dairy, or meat. Generally, buying Costco’s fish in bulk isn’t the best idea as it may spoil before you can consume the entire batch, but there is one specific category of fish that chefs recommend avoiding at all costs.
Chef Lizzy Briskin avoids the store's frozen and pre-seasoned salmon, as freezing and/or marinating fish for extended periods can damage the meat's integrity and texture. Whether this occurs from ice crystals melting or acids from marinades breaking down proteins within the meat, the result is the same: mushy fish.
Instead, Briskin recommends shopping for fresh salmon at Costco's seafood counter. It may be more expensive than buying frozen fish, but remember that you’ll be paying for quality and will be able to marinate the fish yourself, which is ideal if you prefer certain flavors or want to pair the fish with specific dishes.