A person evening out the frosting on a cake.

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The Paper Towel Trick For Ultra Smooth, Clean Cake Frosting

Trying to frost your cake in a perfect coat of icing can end in a big mess, but this can be avoided using a simple paper towel. This hack won't work on a very moist frosting, like those with a whipped cream base, so make sure to use a frosting that develops a bit of a crust after a short period of drying, like most standard buttercreams.

After you've chilled your crumb coat, slather on a layer of your frosting and try to smooth it out, but don't worry about getting it perfect. Once your frosting has lost some of its moisture and developed a hint of a crust, place a paper towel over any surface of the cake you're looking to smooth out, from the sides to the top.

The paper towel acts as a buffer so you don't dip too deep into the frosting; all you’ll need to do is use a bowl scraper, offset spatula, or your fingertips to smooth the frosting. Any patterns on the paper towel will be imprinted into the frosting, so you want to use a flat paper towel with no designs or embossed branding.