a bowl of chicken stock with a wooden spoon next to it


The Parchment Paper Trick For Removing Grease From Chicken Stock
Homemade chicken stock surpasses store-bought in flavor and nutrition. Chicken carcasses and bits of chicken skin add flavor and collagen to chicken stock.
Collagen and connective tissues become gelatinous and float to the surface as a greasy film when exposed to heat, but this hack will help eliminate this film.
To remove unwanted grease from chicken stock, turn off the stove and glide a piece of parchment paper over the surface to collect the excess fat.
One sheet likely won't be enough to remove your stock's layer of grease altogether, but the cleanup couldn't be easier. Just throw away the fat-laden parchment.
Typically, you can leave the grease alone for a creamier stock, like ramen, but skimming the fat from the surface for chicken noodle soup will create a more polished broth.