A sixpack of bottled Pepsi on the sand, ca.1960s. United States. (Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images)

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The Pepsi Campfire Flavors That Scream Limited-Edition
Pepsi has repeatedly pushed the limits of how a can of cola should taste, as evidenced by their 2004 cinnamon flavor, 2020 Pepsi Apple Pie flavor, and 2022's Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola. For fall of 2022, the brand has come up with a new, quirky flavor that will remind you of the last days of summer.
Pepsi has launched the new Pepsi S'more Collection, which includes mini cans of cola with toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate flavors. Pepsi Chief Marketing Officer Todd Kaplan says, "S'mores is one of the most unapologetically delicious treats [...] we at Pepsi are thrilled to introduce an entirely new way to s'more."
There is one significant caveat, however: these new Pepsi cans will not be sold in stores. Instead, 2,000 winners will receive the collection by sharing "an image or description of how they s'more on Instagram or Twitter" including the hashtags #PepsiSmores and #Sweepstakes, as well as following @Pepsi on whichever platform one chooses to post from.