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The Pioneer Woman Blooper That's Almost Too Awkward
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When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down filming for Ree Drummond’s “The Pioneer Woman” show, her children stepped in with their iPhones to film the show. Although Drummond is known to keep it light during filming, one strained moment occurred with one of the Drummond kids when she was teaching viewers how to make a Churro Chip Sundae.
After preparing the churro chips, Drummond began assembling the chips around the ice cream, when Alex, the eldest Drummond child, stole a chip from the tray and took a bite, causing a loud crunch on camera. Ree immediately bristled, “Alex, that’s too noisy to eat while you’re filming, I'm sorry. ... Everybody, we need to wait for Alex to finish eating her churro chip.”
We don’t know if Drummond was just joking with her quip or if she was somewhat serious. In another episode of “The Pioneer Woman,” when the host remarked that the kids were quieter than usual, Alex explained, “Well, you get mad at us when we talk sometimes,” to which Drummond responded humorously, “Oh, it's hard being my daughter.”