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The Queen And Meghan Markle's Egg Controversy, Explained
On the morning of Queen Elizabeth II's death, Prince Harry made the trip to Balmoral without his wife Meghan Markle, a move that has led many people to theorize that it was due to the strained relationship between the monarch and her granddaughter-in-law. While tensions have been widely debated, Her Majesty did have some words with Markle one day at Windsor Castle leading up to Markle’s wedding.
According to Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl, Markle had requested a macrobiotic alternative to the food served at her wedding reception. During a taste test, the Duchess-to-be claimed she could taste egg in one of the dishes — one that she was assured was devoid of the ingredient. Convinced that eggs had somehow made their way into the dish she allegedly claimed, "No, I can taste it."
That's when Queen Elizabeth entered the room and pulled her almost granddaughter-in-law aside for a private conversation, allegedly saying, "Meghan, in this family, we don't speak to people like that." Markle's reaction to the comment wasn't revealed, nor was the egg content of the macrobiotic dish, which means it's possible that the Duchess of Sussex is a supertaster.