UNSPECIFIED - SEPTEMBER 14:  French publicity for the drink Mr PIbb "a new drink with relaxed taste published in 1970's  (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)

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The Real Difference Between Dr Pepper And Mr. Pibb
Introduced in the market in 1885, Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drink in the U.S., beating out both Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The brand hasn’t divulged much about what goes into Dr Pepper’s “unique blend of 23 flavors,” other than to confirm the fact that there’s no prune juice in it.
The Coca-Cola Company came up with Mr. Pibb in 1972 — originally calling it Peppo — to compete with Dr Pepper’s success. However, Dr Pepper sued Coca-Cola over the similar name, and when the rebranded drink was launched, it was cheekily first given to tasting groups in Dr Pepper’s birth city of Waco.
Mr. Pibb was renamed once again in 2001 to Pibb Xtra, due to formula changes and the addition of more cinnamon flavor, giving it a bolder taste. While Dr Pepper is distributed globally, Mr. Pibb is predominantly available only in the US where it still hasn't overtaken Dr Pepper’s long standing popularity.