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The Real Reason Cake Boss Is No Longer On TLC
"Cake Boss" follows master baker Buddy Valastro as he constructs elaborate cakes for his family’s business, Carlo’s Bakery. The show has been popular since its debut on TLC in 2009, and even created demand for new Carlo’s Bakery locations across the country, so it's surprising that "Cake Boss" disappeared from its home channel in 2019.
One reason why "Cake Boss" changed revolves around Valastro’s personal life. After his mother’s passing in 2017, he stopped filming "Cake Boss" for 2 years, taking time to focus on his family, especially his kids. This might be why the show left TLC and returned on Discovery Family, a smaller network that is more accessible to younger audiences.
"Cake Boss" ran for two more seasons on Discovery Family before ending for good, but the Cake Boss himself shows no signs of stopping. Valastro stars in the Food Network shows "Buddy vs. Duff" and "Buddy vs. Christmas," and he has also opened new restaurants in Las Vegas, São Paulo, and more.