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The Real Reason Klondike Stopped Making The Choco Taco
Choco Taco fans took to Twitter to get an answer as to why Klondike decided to discontinue the dessert. Klondike responded that the company is changing focus and there are other items that there is a higher demand for.
Many expressed their objections to the news, with plenty of public figures and celebrities taking to social media. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian even sent a tweet to Klondike offering to buy the rights to the treat to "keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods."
Others places have created their own versions, encouraging fans to try them. From Chicago Mexican restaurant Lonesome Rose with their “Chaco-Taco” to an episode of the former Bon Appétit YouTube series "Gourmet Makes," there are all kinds of variations on the treat that loyal fans can try.