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The Real Reason Love Is Blind Uses Those Gold Wine Glasses

Lately, everyone is noticing the constant presence of gold wine glasses on Season 2 of “Love Is Blind.” Many fans took to Twitter to either question, marvel, or amuse themselves at the omnipresent golden goblets, but the real reason for the gold glasses is actually quite clever.

According to Food52, the opaque glasses help hide how much real-time has elapsed between shots. This sneaky-yet-genius method allows the production crew to create seamless scenes during editing without worrying about the show’s stars finishing their beverages in the middle of a take.

When “Love is Blind” creator Chris Coelen was asked about the now-iconic gold wine glasses, he told Variety about his fondness for them and how they are now the unofficial mascots of the show. He also believes the gold glasses help in showing an authentic and cohesive story.

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