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The Real Reason Prince Philip Didn’t Like To Eat With The Queen
There’s no question that the late Prince Philip truly loved his wife, but as head of the household, not to mention head of the entire nation, the Queen usually got her way. One of the rare times the couple was apart was during mealtimes, when Prince Philip preferred to take his “me time.”
According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, Prince Phillip had a more adventurous palate than the Queen. While the Queen avoided garlic and only allowed small amounts of onion, Prince Philip loved to eat “real spicy food” said McGrady, and was fond of collecting recipes from his extensive travels around the world.
While the Prince might have snuck in a few dinners alone, the royal couple would typically eat breakfast together promptly at 8:30 in the morning. Plus, Prince Philip was an enthusiastic cook, specializing in breakfast dishes, grilling during the summer, and whipping up nighttime snacks for the Queen and himself, like scrambled eggs and anchovies on toast.