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The Real Reason Some McDonald's Only Have One Golden Arch
McDonald’s famous golden "M" arches actually vary from location to location. A certain Rockland, CA McDonald’s has red arches, a Sedona, AZ McDonald's has turquoise arches, and plenty of locations across the U.S. have only one arch, instead of two — here's the historical reason why.
McDonald’s locations with a single golden feature the original design of the first McDonald's restaurants ever built. The earliest McDonald’s signs featured a single arch, and the golden arches were also incorporated the buildings' architecture, with a big gold arch on either side of the restaurant.
The modern design of the double arches didn't arrive until the 1960s, a decade after the first McDonald's were built. Moreover, only 12 restaurants with single golden arches — one of which is in Winter Haven, Florida — are still standing as of 2020, so if you see one of these locations, you’re looking at a piece of fast-food history.