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The Real Reason The Royals Don’t Eat Garlic Or Onions
It’s no surprise that the royal family lives very different lives than most people, especially when it comes to the various rules and regulations that they and people around them must follow. These rules even extend to certain foods they can’t eat, and that list of foods include garlic and onions.
It may seem extreme, but these strict rules do serve a purpose. Per Delish, the royal family avoids garlic because they are always meeting and talking with people, and want to make sure their breath doesn’t smell. Camilla Parker Bowles even confirmed on an episode of “Masterchef Australia” that, “Garlic is a no-no.”
The Queen and her family must also avoid onions for similar reasons, however, they are allowed to have a few onions, if they’re used sparingly in a meal. Darren McGrady, former royal chef at Buckingham Palace for over 15 years, confirmed to Recipes Plus that cooks "can never serve anything with garlic or too many onions."