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The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Emeril Lagasse Anymore

In early 2017, “Emeril’s Florida” came under heavy fire from Florida’s state government and the US House of Representatives for taking $12.7 million in public funds from Visit Florida over five years. The show’s producer, Pat Roberts, walked away with $1.25 million and Lagasse took $4 million.

Legal Problems

Lagasse suffered two very serious losses within a short span of time, with his mentor Ines De Costa passing away in 2011 and his mother, Hilda Lagasse, passing a few years later. Both of these women were very important in his life, as they were the ones who taught him how to cook.

Big Losses

Around the time “Emeril Live” ended, many of Lagasse’s restaurants had to be shut down due to the recession. After a challenging period of almost going broke trying to keep his businesses afloat, Lagasse managed to open another restaurant in 2016.

The Recession

After “Emeril Live” was canceled in 2007, Lagasse sold his brand to Martha Stewart’s company in 2008 for $45 million in cash and $5 million in stocks. He still retains ownership of his restaurants but gave up his television programming, cookbooks, kitchen products, and food products.

Martha Stewart

Following the end of “Emeril Live”, “Essence of Emeril” also ended in 2008, and Lagasse would go on to say that he felt like everyone wanted a break from him after that. Even his new show, “Emeril’s Florida,” which debuted in 2013, received a lukewarm response.

Beginning of the End