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The Real Reason You Should Put An Ice Cube In Your Burger Patty
While some use breadcrumbs as their secret burger ingredient and others suggest butter, there’s one addition to the burger patty that enhances the burger’s juiciness without changing the flavor or adding calories. All you have to do is add an ice cube to your burger patty, according to MasterChef judge Graham Elliot.
If you place an ice cube in the middle of your patty, it will melt as the patty cooks, while the water produced will be absorbed by the rest of the burger, keeping the meat moist as it cooks, rather than drying it out.
Remember to use thick burgers so that the meat totally envelops the cube, because thin burgers leave parts of the cube exposed, leading to a deformed patty once the cube melts. If you prefer rare burgers, you may want to avoid this tip, or you may find yourself biting into a piece of ice.