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The Reason Andrew Zimmern Thinks Tipping Should Be Eliminated
While tipping culture is the norm in America, it's not as common in other parts of the world, like in Europe where tipping is seen as a reward for good service, even though it's not necessary. Although it's easy to consider this a cultural difference, there are plenty of people who oppose the current American system, including celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. Here’s why.
In his Substack newsletter, Spilled Milk, Andrew Zimmern openly stated that he believes the current system of tipping at restaurants should be abolished. However, he also acknowledges that simply eliminating tipping wouldn't fix the issues in the hospitality industry, as minimum wages and menu prices would have to be raised to account for the difference.
In the newsletter, Zimmern points out that culturally, American consumers might not be ready to pay the cost increases that ending tipping would require. He also states that the current system isn't just unsustainable but also prioritizes the needs of the guest over those of the employees, requiring a collective effort to change from the industry as a whole.