Anthony Bourdain smiling and crossing his arms


The Reason Anthony Bourdain Declined Tequila Shots Is Too Relatable
The late chef Anthony Bourdain left an immense archive of his thoughts and philosophy of the world. He enjoyed beer and cocktails, but did not partake in tequila shots.
The famed chef had a deep affinity for Mexico and its people, but what concerned him about tequila shots were the social norms and the time of day the alcohol was offered.
Bourdain told Refinery 29 that if someone approached him at 11 o’clock at night with tequila shots, he knew it was important to consider. He said, “No good will come of this.”
His aversion had more to do with the aftermath of drinking tequila late at night, not the quality or taste. His hesitancy gave us a glimpse into the wisdom of the late chef.