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The Reason Holstein Beef Could Be The Next Best Alternative To Angus
Holstein cows are mainly dairy cows, but the number used for beef in the U.S. is not insignificant. The quality of dairy beef is misconceived, as it can be an alternative to Angus.
These black and white cows can be milked three times a day, but because of their reputation as dairy cows, people don’t often use Holsteins for their beef.
Older Holstein cows are put to pasture, where they plump up before being slaughtered. Some chefs have compared the dairy beef to wagyu, and the older the cow, the better the meat.
Angus cows grow faster, so they are younger when slaughtered. Even though Holstein beef comes from older cows, it is still super tender and flavorful due to its marbling.
While some prefer meatier Angus beef, Holstein beef can be creamy and buttery because of its milk fat content. Holstein beef is also generally cheaper than Angus beef.
Since Holstein beef has high marbling, take advantage of that and sear your steak in a hot pan, on the grill, or in the oven. Cook it low and slow until it’s medium rare.
If your Holstein steak is overcooked, you’ll waste all the flavorful marbling. A good medium rare steak is cooked between 130 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
The majority of beef found at a grocery store meat counter is Angus, so you may have to search for Holstein beef at a butcher or online store.