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The Reason Reddit Has Issues With Costco's Frozen Cheese Pizza
Redditors are angry at Costco’s store-brand frozen cheese pizza due to a drop in quality, and many suspect that the grocery chain has changed the recipe for the once-beloved cheesy pies. One user wrote that the company has definitely “cheaped out” on manufacturing costs, and the r/Costco subreddit has photos to prove it.
One post compares two slices of pizza from Costco's Kirkland brand; the slice on the left in the photo is purportedly from an older pie made with the pizza's older recipe, while the other slice is from a newer pie. The OP said that they cooked the pizzas in the “same oven at same temp for same time,” but the “cheese clearly doesn't melt the same.”
Commenters largely agreed, with one user writing, “The 'cheese' on the new one doesn't look like it is real cheese,” and another adding that the new pizzas' crusts are “[e]asier to burn” and “harder”. Other netizens suggest ditching the plain pizza and trying the pepperoni variety instead, to mask the lower quality of the cheese.