A detail of cracked egg falling into the pan as woman holds egg shells in both hands.

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The Reason Scrambled Eggs Turn Green
Most people like green eggs and ham in their storybooks, but not on their plates. Scrambled eggs can turn green for many reasons, and one cause is the vitamin B12, which can add a greenish tint to egg whites when present in high levels; however, this vitamin is essential to our health, so green eggs with a side of B12 are actually good for you.
Eggs also sometimes turn green due to a chemical reaction that occurs when you cook them over on high heat in large batches. To avoid this, cook your eggs over low heat in smaller batches, and if you're concerned about your first few batches getting cold while you make new ones, simply place the eggs on a warm chafing dish.
A cast iron skillet could also be to blame if your eggs turn green, since a chemical reaction can occur between the iron in the pan and the sulfur in the egg whites. Try using a different pan to cook your eggs, and as always, keep the temp a little lower, but remember that even if your eggs turn out a little green, they're perfectly safe to eat.