Travis Kelce


The Reason Travis Kelce Isn't A Fan Of Thanksgiving Food
In an episode of their podcast "New Heights," pro-football players Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, spilled the beans about their family's Thanksgiving dinners.
Growing up in Ohio, Travis was a picky eater of epic proportions, a quirk that drove their dad, Ed Kelce, up a wall. He had a particular disdain for stuffing or mashed potatoes.
For Thanksgiving, Travis preferred to eat corn, mac and cheese, rolls, and his favorite, ham. "I ate all the ham!" he admits.
Their dad, Ed Kelce, embodied the spirit of Thanksgiving, believing that the opportunity to have food on their table was something to be genuinely thankful for.
Jason, the more adventurous eater of the two, chimed in during the episode, "If there's one way to p*** Ed Kelce off," he laughed, "it is not finishing the food on your plate."
Travis has since embraced mashed potatoes and founded a brand of prepared meals, aptly named Travis Kelce's Kitchen, with hearty, savory entrées worthy of Thanksgiving feasts.