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The Regal Dinner Dish That Brings The Royal Family Together
If you have ever hosted a dinner party then you know how intense it can be to cook a meal that meets the expectations of each of your guests. Now imagine you’re cooking for the royal family, and you might understand how remarkable it was when one chef stumbled on a dish that pleased the entire family.
Given the dish is named Queen Victoria Risotto, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to cook for the royal family, but it wasn’t until Chef Enrico Derflingher worked for the royal family in 1987 that the dish hit it off. The dish is made with Sicilian red shrimps, parmesan, herbs, and Italian sparkling wine.
Since Derflinger left the royal service in 1990, the royal family has reportedly added other dishes to their list of favorites. Sticky toffee pudding, chocolate biscuit cake, and pizza are popular dishes, as well as baby back ribs and roasted chicken, which have made frequent appearances on the royal table.