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The Restaurant That Serves The Best Indian Food In Europe, According To Ryan Reynolds
Fans might know Ryan Reynolds from movies such as “Deadpool,” and “The Adam Project,” but now the actor is showing off his business chops with the docuseries, “Welcome to Wexham.” The series is about Reynolds co-owning a Welsh football team in Wexham and that is where Reynolds discovered a restaurant he says has the best Indian food in Europe.
During a match played by the team he co-owns with Rob McElhenny from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Reynolds posted a photo of a flyer for an Indian restaurant on Instagram. He claimed that the restaurant, Light of India in Ellesmere Port, makes and serves the best Indian dishes in Europe.
After Reynolds posted his praise on Instagram, the restaurant was inundated with bookings. The owners of the restaurant were left flabbergasted as they didn’t even know who Reynolds was, but their son, Shaa Rahaman did and now wants to create a dish in honor of the actor, potentially naming it “the Deadpool masala.”